Trailhead Adventures

Broken Rock Falls is located at the end of a short 0.25-mile extension off of the Old Man’s Cave trail near the Lower Falls exit. New signs point towards the falls near the trail exit, but I only saw a few people out of close to 100 hikers visit the falls during my most recent visit. This is a shame because it is a short hike to a beautiful and unique waterfall.

The waterfall is slightly recessed between two sandstone cliffs making it difficult to find an ideal viewpoint that doesn’t involve climbing on nearby boulders (especially after a recent ice storm).

Hiking to Broken Rock Falls involves hiking from Old Man’s Cave visitor’s center down into the gorge and following the Grandma Gatewood Memorial Trail to Lower Falls. Near the exit signs leading up the steps is a sign pointing towards Broken Rock Falls. Take the short 0.25-mile trail along sandstone cliffs until you reach the falls.

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