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When it comes to waterfalls in urban settings the 48-foot Mill Creek Falls is hard to beat. Located a few miles south of downtown Cleveland, Ohio, Mill Creek Falls, also known as Cataract Falls, is surrounded by local businesses and residential neighborhoods. The park itself is not that large in size, but it does contain two parking lots, a falls overlook and an area identified as ‘The Yard’ that offers a scenic viewpoint of the falls and the lower gorge area. The park doesn’t maintain any trails leading into the gorge or falls area, but I did see some well-worn paths and hikers walking along the creek.

The Mill Creek Falls Overlook doesn’t offer a direct view of the falls, but more of a side shot due to the surrounding landscape’s layout. The best view of Mill Creek Falls is further down near ‘The Yard’ at the scenic viewpoint. Photographers will want to bring their long lens of 100mm or greater to get the shot. The falls don’t fully dry up during the summer months but water flow does slow down greatly.

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