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Blaze your own trail to Sheepskin Hollow Falls.

Hike Details:
– Parking: 40.75164, -80.53772 – (Park along the road near the old train overpass.)
– Trailhead: 40.75107, -80.53722 – (Just a few hundred feet up the road from the train overpass is the trailhead.)

Hike Distance and Type: 1.4 Mile Out-and-Back
Elevation Change: +/- 120 Feet
Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult (See description below for reason)


How to reach Sheepskin Hollow Falls

Sheepskin Hollow, Ohio’s only park without trails, is located near East Palestine and Beaver Creek State Park. The park features two waterfalls (Upper Sheepskin Falls and Lower Sheepskin Falls). This article will cover how to reach Lower Sheepskin Falls as I was unable to reach the Upper Falls due to the ice and wet conditions impeding the climb above Lower Falls. I think someone looking to reach Upper Falls should park and hike in from 40.74928, -80.52482.


Hiking to Sheepskin Hollow Falls

Start the hike to Sheepskin Hollow Falls by walking up Pancake-Clarkson Road a few hundred feet until you become level with the old train tracks. At this point, you will see a trailhead sign and opening to walk onto the path. Follow the path south for close to 0.4 miles careful to avoid stepping on, or tripping over, the numerous railroad spikes sticking out of the ground. Once you reach the hollow, carefully proceed down the hillside. An old concrete tunnel is located at the bottom of Sheepskin Hollow to allow the small creek to flow into Beaver Creek. Depending on recent weather conditions the water level could be low enough to allow additional exploration.

From this point, the falls are located a quarter-mile upstream, however, navigating the hollow’s terrain and multiple creek crossings will take longer than you think. Eventually you will arrive at Sheepskin Hollow Falls. I hiked to the falls in early March as you will notice the icy falls in the images. Because of the time of year and how wet the ground was, I was unable to make it further upstream to a second waterfall that I have been told about. I cannot be sure how large of a falls it is or if it is worth the effort required to reach it.

My initial reaction to seeing Sheepskin Hollow Falls instantly reminded me of a slightly smaller version of Blue Hen Falls in Cuyahoga Valley National Park. The sandstone overhang is large enough that I could have walked behind the falls if the base wasn’t completely iced over. The approach to Sheepskin Hollow Falls features numerous cascades along the creek including some that are within sight of the falls. I rated the difficulty of the hike on the difficult side due to the amount of rock scrambling and jumping required to reach the falls. Anyone considering this hike should be aware of the effort required to reach the falls and wear shoes or boots with proper tread. Exercise caution when traversing the moss-covered rocks, especially if hiking during periods of

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