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Lanterman’s Falls, and its namesake Lanterman’s Mill, is located within Mill Creek MetroParks in Youngstown, Ohio. Lanterman’s Mill, originally built in 1845 and fully renovated in 1982, is a fully functional grist mill capable of grinding corn and wheat into flower products.

Additionally, Lanterman’s Mill is home to one of Ohio’s popular covered bridges. Built in 1989, Lanterman’s bridge spans just under 100-feet across Mill Creek. The bridge adds a beautiful backdrop to Lanterman’s Mill and falls. The road to the bridge is closed to public traffic, so driving across the bridge is not possible without special permission from the park.

Lanterman’s Mill and Falls can be reached by parking at a nearby parking lot and walking 200 yards on a paved path that crosses Route 62 at the bridge. A series of steps lead down to Lanterman’s Mill. For those visiting with wheelchair or stroller requirements, the steps leading to Lanterman’s Mill can be avoided by following the sidewalk across the route 62 bridge that spans above the Mill Creek gorge. Turn left at the end of the bridge and follow the paved road to the left down to the covered bridge.

Lanterman’s Mill is open to the public during the summer months for self-guided tours, and features three floors of historic tools, photos, and access to the mill’s water wheel area.

Lanterman’s Mill was not the first mill built in Mill Creek, but is the third mill to occupy the spot where Lanterman’s Mill resides. In 1797, Youngstown residents Isaac Powers and Phineas Hill partnered with Youngstown founder, John Young, and went on to built a grist and saw mill. A second mill was constructed in place of the first in 1823, however the mill was washed away in a flood shortly after construction was completed.

Best spots to photograph Lanterman’s Mill and Falls

I recommend bringing a lens that can capture the full frame equivalent of 16mm for the iconic Mill and Falls photograph from the Route 62 bridge sidewalk. Other areas include a shot from below Lanterman’s Mill on the gorge trail and further down the trail that looks upstream at Lanterman’s Mill falls that is framed by the trees and the route 62 bridge. Honorable mentions include the covered bridge and interior shots of the Mill (summer only).

Hike the Mill Creek Gorge loop between Lanterman’s Mill and the Suspension Bridge

I highly recommend exploring Mill Creek MetroParks through the beautiful 1.8 mile Mill Creek Gorge hike that runs parallel to Mill Creek through a gorge full of moss covered sandstone rock formations and hemlock trees. On one end of the loop is Lanterman’s Mill and the other end leads to the popular Suspension Bridge. View this article for a detailed guide to hiking the Mill Creek Gorge.

Hikes located near Lanterman’s Mill

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