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Hemlock trees and moss covered sandstone formations wrap around the oldest lake in Mill Creek Park.  This hike will guide you past multiple historic structures from the early 1800s. 

Hike features:

Note: Trail conditions change over time.  If you discover any inaccuracies with this post during your visit, please post a comment below to let me know.

The Lake Cohasset hike is comprised of two hiking trails totaling 2.5 miles from start to finish.  Built in the late 1800s, Lake Cohasset is the smaller and narrower of the three lakes Mill Creek Park has to offer.  Trail conditions can be rough in areas where exposed tree roots cover the trail, and other areas involve crossing over slick, moss covered sandstone rocks.  The only gear I recommend for this hike would be shoes with a good amount of traction and some water.  The trails area identified with signs at the trailhead and easy to follow.  

Start your hike at the East Cohasset Trailhead located at the Suspension Bridge parking lot.  The East Cohasset Trail follows the Mill Creek and Lake Cohasset past the Cohasset dam, ending at the bridge near Pioneer Pavilion.  Cross the bridge and walk towards Pioneer Pavilion, a two story sandstone structure known for being one of the oldest buildings in Youngstown, Ohio, built in 1821.  The remains of the Mill Creek Furnace can be found by the hillside between Pioneer Pavilion and the parking lot.  

Continue your hike by crossing the field in front of the pavilion and then crossing the road.  The West Cohasset trail is broken into three short sections.  The first half mile of the trail will lead you to West Cohasset Drive, a two lane park road.  Proceed downhill by following the gravel shoulder next to the road for a few hundred yards until you see a trail sign on the opposite side of the road.  Once on this section of trail, stick to all trail forks by following the trail to the left until the trail ends back on West Cohasset Drive.  

The final section of trail can be found by crossing the road towards the stone bridge.  After crossing the bridge, you will find two different trailheads.  The trail to the left that leads uphill is the section of trail you will want to follow.  This trail will cut through sandstone rock formations and a few low ceiling caves I once heard referred to as “the witches cave”.  The trail will end when you descend a set of sandstone stairs that lead to the Suspension Bridge and eventually the parking lot where you started the hike.

My Thoughts on this hike

I found my time on this hike to be relaxing and enjoyable.  I didn’t find the trail conditions to be terrible, although it got sketchy at one point when I had to cross over a bunch of smooth surface sandstone rocks shortly after it had rained.  A great blue heron was perched on the top of Cohasset dam, unfortunately I didn’t pack any of my telephoto lenses for this hike.  Pioneer Pavilion is a beautiful, well maintained building, but the Mill Creek Park furnace wasn’t much to look at.  I’m also not a fan for how Mill Creek MetroParks built the three sections of The West Cohasset trail or how they have it marked.  That annoyance is quickly forgotten once you reach the beautiful Mill Creek Park Suspension Bridge.  


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