Trailhead Adventures

Trailhead Location:  (41.072944, -80.688548)  
Distance: 1.8-mile loop hike
Elevation change: +/- 105 feet
Difficulty: Easy

Hike features:

Note: Trail conditions change over time.  If you discover any inaccuracies with this post during your visit, please post a comment below to let me know

The Mill Creek Gorge hike is a great way to see most of what Mill Creek MetroParks has to offer.  This hike will pass large, colorful stone outcrops, waterfalls, a working flour mill, a wooden covered bridge, and the historic suspension bridge.  Mill Creek MetroParks has an interconnected trail system that allows for hikes to be as short (1-2 miles) or as long (13+ miles) as hikers would like them to be.  The Mill Creek Gorge trail can be hiked by itself, as we will review below, or in addition to the Lake Newport Loop hike or the Lake Cohasset Loop hike.

Hikers will experience an elevation climb during the second half of the West Gorge trail as you make your way to Lanterman’s Mill.  Trail conditions include exposed tree roots, slick stones, and muddy conditions so exercise caution with your footing and wear proper shoes.  Hikers should bring water with them as the only water source at Lanterman’s Mill is shut off during the winter months.  I would also recommend bringing a flashlight or headlamp if hiking in the evening hours.  

Hike walkthrough: 

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