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Note: Trail conditions change over time.  If you discover any inaccuracies with this post during your visit, please post a comment below to let us know.

The Cascade Gorge Natural Pool area at Mill Creek MetroParks is, in my opinion, the park’s best secret. The trail leading to the falls and the natural pool is located between the Suspension Bridge and Lake Cohasset just off West Valley Drive. The hike documented in this article is not the fastest or shortest, hike to the falls, but it is a scenic hike starting with the historic Mill Creek Park Suspension Bridge, before traveling along the West Cohasset Trail before branching off on Cascade Trail to the falls and pool area.

(Optional) For a short, quick hike to Cascade Gorge Natural Pool, park your car at the small picnic area (41.07652, -80.68892) and cross the road heading south. On the opposite side of a small bridge is the Cascade Gorge Trail that will lead you a few hundred yards upstream to the cascade pool. By hiking this route, you will miss out on the beauty found along the West Cohasset Trail and the sandstone overhang caves along the upper Cascade trail. Click here for the GaiaGPS route for this option.

For this hike, you will park at The Flats, a 5-acre field located next to the Suspension Bridge. Mill Creek Park expanded parking at this location during the summer of 2020, so finding a spot during busy times is easier than it uses to be. When ready, proceed across the Suspension Bridge and climb the stone steps for the West Cohasset Trail. The steps can be difficult to navigate and can be slick during rainy weather conditions. Follow the West Cohasset trail for close to a quarter-mile until you reach a trail junction where the West Cohasset trail leads downhill to West Valley Drive. You will want to follow the other trail leading uphill to the left. Follow the trail as you pass under the sandstone overhangs and up the wooden steps until you reach the Cascade Gorge Natural Pool area. The best viewing spots are along the wooden staircase or the top-down view from the Cascade Road bridge above the gorge.

Trail Walkthrough:

(41.07291, -80.68859) – Park at The Flats parking next to the Suspension Bridge

(41.07351, -80.68920) – Cross the Suspension Bridge and follow the stone stairs uphill to start hiking on the West Cohasset trail.

(41.07568, -80.68882) – Follow the West Cohasset trail for close to a quarter-mile until you reach the trail junction.

(41.07578, -80.69178) – Follow the trail to your left leading uphill for a short distance until you reach the wooden staircase overlooking Cascade Gorge

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