Trailhead Adventures

Trailhead Location: Parking / Trailhead
Distance & Type: 4.5 Mile Loop trail (mostly on trails, small portion follows the side of a road)
Elevation Gain: +/- 40 ft.
Difficulty: Easy – Moderate (main factor – distance)
Wheelchairs and Strollers – No
Dog Friendly – Yes

Hike Highlights:

• Plenty of birds and wildlife near the Lake Newport Wetlands.
• Lake Newport (there are around a dozen benches around the lake to rest at and take in the lake’s beauty)
• Lake Newport Dam (a cascading waterfall)
• The Covered Bridge at Lanterman’s Mill
• Lanterman’s Mill 
• Mill Creek falls at Lanterman’s Mill
• Lake Newport Boathouse (rent a paddle boat during the summer months)

Note: Trail conditions change over time.  If you find any inaccuracies with this post, please take a moment and let me know in the comments below.

The Lake Newport Loop is a combination of trails that wrap around the Lake Newport area in Mill Creek Metropark and a small portion of the Lanterman’s Mill area.  While most of the hike is on maintained trails, there are portions of trails have eroded over the years exposing tree roots. Use caution when navigating these areas.  

Remember to bring some water with you for this hike.  There are two water fountains along this trail (one in the parking lot at the beginning, and one at Lanterman’s Mill), however these fountains are turned off during the fall and winter months.  When open for business, Lanterman’s Mill features a small gift shop where water bottles and ice cream can be purchased. Check their website for hours of operations as they change throughout the seasons.

Trail Notes:

• Begin your hike by parking at the Lake Newport Wetlands overflow parking lot located at (41.052922, -80.677610).  The trailhead is located at the northeast corner of the parking lot.  
• (41.06226, -80.67891) – Around mile one of your hike the trail will open up to a small field with some bathrooms.  This is the Lake Newport Boathouse area. Walk across the field towards the lake and cross the small driveway to rejoin the trail.
• (41.06464, -80.67861) – You’ve reached the Lake Newport Dam (west side).  Follow the trail down to the river bank, but be sure to take your time as the stone steps have deteriorated over the years.
• (41.06719, -80.67898) – Follow the trail uphill at the fork.  It is easy to miss this fork in the trail, so if you find yourself near the bottom of a concrete bridge just turn around and walk 50 – 100 feet back the way you came to find the fork.
• (41.06599, -80.68151) – The trail will end when you reach the access road for Lanterman’s Mill.  Proceed across the covered bridge to find the Lanterman’s Mill area. Take some time to use the bathroom or refill your water bottle at the fountain as there are no more fountains until you get back to your car.  
• Proceed up the hill near the covered bridge to find the trail.  Walk past the concrete bridge and use the wooden walkway and steps to get back down to the river bank.
• (41.06455, -80.67806) – Lake Newport Dam (east side) – This will be the hardest part of your hike as you will need to navigate up the trail.  Beware of loose gravel and slick stones used for steps (especially during wet conditions).
• (41.06304, -80.67626)  – The trail will end as you reach East Newport Drive.  Follow this road for around 1.2 miles until you get to a parking lot.
• (41.05239, -80.67454) – Behind this parking lot, near the lake is the next trailhead. 
• (41.04868, -80.68246) – Once you reach a bike path, make a right turn and cross the footbridge.  Around 100 feet past the foot bridge, and to your right, is your next trailhead.  
• Follow this trail until you reach the Lake Newport Wetlands and proceed across the field to the parking lot where you started your hike.

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