Hiking to Cedar Falls at Hocking Hills State Park

This short hike features sandstone cliffs, the beautiful Cedar Falls crashing 50-feet into an emerald pool, a well maintained trail, and a picnic area complete with bathrooms. This hike has everything….except actual cedar trees. Oops.


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– Parking Coordinates: 39.418303, -82.526456 (Cedar Falls has an overflow parking lot near the main lot if spots are all taken.)
– Trailhead Coordinates: 39.418347, -82.526202 (The trailhead is located just off the main parking lot, across from the bathrooms. Look for a wooden sign near the trailhead.)

Hike Details
– Distance and Type: 0.6 Mile Loop
– Trail Difficulty: Easy
– Elevation Gain: +/- 65 feet
– Trail Markers: The trail is well marked with signs.

Hike Features
– The 50 foot Cedar Falls
– Queer Creek
– Sandstone cliffs with a small overhang cave
– The 12 foot Hidden Falls next to Cedar Falls
– A beautiful emerald pool at the base of the falls.

Winter in Hocking Hills only adds to the region’s beauty.

Winter in Hocking Hills only adds to the region’s beauty.

Note: Trail conditions change over time.  If you discover any inaccuracies with this post during your visit, please post a comment below to let us know.

Cedar Falls is just one of a handful of waterfalls located within Hocking Hills State Park, and is arguably one of the parks most beautiful features. Located between Old Man’s Cave and Ash Cave, off of route 374. The hike itself is just over a half mile in length with minimal elevation gain making it an easy and family friendly hike. This also means the trail is usually crowded and finding nearby parking may be difficult at times.

Hocking Hills State Park built and maintains a shelter and picnic area at the falls and a new bathroom complete with water fountains.

Cedar Falls got its name when early settlers had mistaken the nearby hemlock trees as cedar trees. Cedar Falls was the home to a mill built above the falls that harnessed the power from Queer Creek as it flowed over Cedar Falls. The mill has long been removed and there are no remnants of the mill visible from the trail. Also located near Cedar Falls is the 12 foot Hidden Falls, viewable as you make your way back to the parking lot.

Unlike some of the other waterfalls at Hocking Hills that tend to dry up during the warm summer months, Cedar Falls is guaranteed to be flowing. My visit was in the first week of February, and not only was Cedar Falls flowing, but massive icicles formed on the nearby cliffs giving the gorge an added layer of beauty.

The hike is short and the views are plenty making the Cedar Falls loop a must hike stop during your visit to the park. The park has implemented a one way trail system to help minimize congestion on the trail.

Hike walkthrough

  • Mile 0.0 – Proceed to the trailhead just off the main “loop” parking lot. The sign near the trailhead can be seen from the bathrooms. Follow the trail as it leads down into the gorge.

  • Mile 0.2 – Cross the foot bridge and hike along the trail past the tall sandstone cliffs to your left. Notice the large boulders that seem to have been placed there? They broke off from the cliff upstream and major flooding displaced them to their current location. Also damaged during the flooding was the footbridge which was bent during the floods.

  • Mile 0.4 – Make your way over the last few foot bridges that leads to the falls. Hidden Falls will be off to your right as you approach Cedar Falls. When ready, proceed up the steps and follow the trail to the parking lot. The trail will open up to the main driveway that leads to the parking lot. Hikers will be forced to walk on the road on their way back to their vehicles. Watch out for other cars driving to the parking lot as the road bends and they might not see you.