Walking the Lily Pond path at Mill Creek Park

Parking41.08783, -80.68130 (Parking Lot features plenty of spaces)
Trailhead41.08801, -80.68132 (Next to Parking Lot)
Distance & Type – 0.3 Mile Loop
Elevation Change – None
Difficulty – Easy


  • Well maintained, handicap accessible path around the 3.25-acre Lily Pond

  • Popular for viewing fish, turtles, and birds

  • Plenty of benches for relaxing around the lake

  • Floating boardwalk

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Note: Trail conditions change over time.  If you discover any inaccuracies with this post during your visit, please post a comment below to let us know.

The Lily Pond has remained a popular destination at Mill Creep Park for as long as I can remember. The short, well-maintained, trail around the 3.25-acre pond is a family-friendly option for small children or elderly adults. Signs are spaced along the trail with educational information on the local habitat. Large goldfish call Lily Pond their home and can be seen following walkers around the lake in hopes of being fed. Turtles can be found occupying logs and sunning themselves on warm summer days. Waterfowls are also a common feature at Lily Pond

The parking lot has a newly built restroom, water fountain, and a Frog Pond located next to the east end of the parking lot. Mill Creek Park built two observation decks on the southern end of the Lily Pond located between the pond and the parking lot. Starting at the trailhead, follow the path around the lake in a counter-clockwise direction. Mill Creek Park hillsides surround the pond except for the northeast corner where a trail leads to the Old Tree Trail. This optional trail leads to Mill Creek Park’s Lake Glacier area.

Mill Creek MetroParks redesigned portions of Lily Pond’s trail back in 2016 with the addition of a new floating boardwalk. The floating boardwalk arks out 10 feet from land allowing for a closer view of the pond’s wildlife. Wooden benches are scattered along the pond offering spots to relax and take in the view. The total distance around the pond is close to 0.3 miles on a hard-packed gravel path. The path is smooth enough that pushing a stroller around the pond can be done easily. The elevation gain on the path is unnoticeable with GPS reporting a +/- 4-foot change.