Trailhead Adventures

Visiting Lanterman’s Mill and Falls at Mill Creek MetroParks

Lanterman's Mill

Directions: Parking (Main) – 41.06757, -80.68379 Parking (Overflow) – 41.06896, -80.68461 Points of Interest: Lanterman’s Mill – 41.06682, -80.68212 Lanterman’s Falls – 41.06666, -80.68222 Covered Bridge – 41.06653, -80.68135 Gorge Trail trailhead – 41.06702, -80.68258 Know before you go Lanterman’s Fall and its namesake Lanterman’s Mill is located within Mill Creek Metroparks in Youngstown, Ohio. […]

Winter Hiking to Henry Run Sawmill Dam – Cook Forest State Park

Hike along the beautiful Clarion river to the old stone Henry Run Sawmill Dam. Locations – Parking Coordinates: 41.33675, -79.22346 (Fire Tower Road is closed for winter. Park at Ridge Campground and hike up Fire Tower Road)) – Trailhead Coordinates: 41.33647, -79.22312 (Fire Tower Road starts across the street from Ridge Campground parking) Hike Details […]

5 Must-See Waterfalls at Hocking Hills State Park, Ohio

Depending on the time of year and recent weather conditions, Hocking Hills can have anywhere from seven to fifteen active waterfalls. This is includes my top five favorite waterfalls to photograph when visiting Hocking Hills State Park in southeastern Ohio. Each waterfall can be reached after a short hike. 5 – Broken Rock Falls Hikers […]

Hike the Full Old Man’s Cave Loop at Hocking Hills State Park

In the span of just two miles you will pass three waterfalls, hike through three sandstone tunnels, pass underneath the namesake Old Man’s Cave while being surrounded by cliffs towering upwards of 100 feet! Trail Details: – Parking: 39.436472, -82.539639 (Far end of the parking lot, furthest away from the visitors center) – Trailhead: 39.436361, -82.539194 (Just off the […]

Discover Broken Rock Falls at Hocking Hills State Park

Broken Rock Falls is located at the end of a short 0.25-mile extension off of the Old Man’s Cave trail near the Lower Falls exit. New signs point towards the falls near the trail exit, but I only saw a few people out of close to 100 hikers visit the falls during my most recent […]

Hiking Old Man’s Cave to Lower Falls Hocking Hills State Park

The iconic Old Man’s Cave trail leads you through a deep gorge full of picturesque blackhand sandstone formations, caves, cascades and waterfalls. Locations – Parking Coordinates: 39.435463, -82.540939 (Large parking lot adjacent to the Old Man’s Cave Visitors Center) – Trailhead Coordinates: 39.434710, -82.541381 (In front of the visitors center. Follow the steps down into the gorge) Hike Details […]

Hiking to Cedar Falls at Hocking Hills State Park

This short hike features sandstone cliffs, the beautiful Cedar Falls crashing 50-feet into an emerald pool, a well maintained trail, and a picnic area complete with bathrooms. This hike has everything….except actual cedar trees. Oops. Locations: – Parking Coordinates: 39.418303, -82.526456 (Cedar Falls has an overflow parking lot near the main lot if spots are all […]

Exploring Ash Cave at Hocking Hills State Park – Ohio’s Largest Cave

The Ash Cave Loop features its namesake Ash Cave, a 700 foot wide by 100 foot deep by 90 foot tall recessed cave and waterfall. Locations (Parking and Trailhead) – Parking Coordinates:  39.396071, -82.545738 (Coordinates lead to parking near trailhead. Additional parking can be found in the lot across the road.) – Trailhead Coordinates: 39.396278, -82.545612 (The […]

Winter Hiking the Rock House Rim Trail – Hocking Hills State Park, OH

Explore the beautiful and unique cave known as Rock House on a short 0.7-mile hike. Trail Details Location: – Parking: 39.496188, -82.614532 – Trailhead: 39.496583, -82.615139 Distance & Type: 0.7 miles loop Elevation change: 165 foot elevation gain Difficulty: Easy Hike features: The 200-foot long and 30-foot tall Rock House Cave, Moss Covered Cliffs, a […]

Winter Hiking Cantwell Cliffs Rim Trail at Hocking Hills State Park, Ohio

Trail Details Location: – Parking lot at trailhead: 39.540361, -82.575750 – Trailhead Location: 39.540361, -82.575750 (north end of the parking lot) Distance & Type: 1 mile loop trail Elevation change: 195 foot elevation gain Difficulty: Moderate due to steep steps and fast elevation gain. Dog Friendly: Yes – Leashed Hike features: 2 Recessed Caves Buck’s Run and Falls […]