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Note: Trail conditions change over time.  If you discover any inaccuracies with this post during your visit, please post a comment below to let us know.

The Great Falls of Tinkers Creek is located within Viaduct Park in Bedford, Ohio in southern Cleveland and a short distance north of Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Local industry harnessed the power of Great Falls at Tinkers Creek throughout the 1800s and into the early 1900s to power a sawmill, grist mill, and an early power plant. Evidence of these buildings can still be found in the area surrounding the falls. Other sites in the area include the viaduct built during the late 1800s which include ‘The Arch’ for Tinkers Creek and the Viaduct towering above ‘The Arch’.

The hike to Great Falls is just under a quarter-mile in length with a slow grade decent of 30 feet making the trail easy enough for most people. We noticed an unpleasant smell during our hike to the falls which became stronger the closer we got. The overlook offers a good view of the falls, but I wanted to photograph the falls from below. Remnants of the former mill or power plant can be found near the falls on the hillside leading down to Tinkers Creek.

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