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Explore the beautiful and unique cave known as Rock House on a short 0.7-mile hike.

Trail Details

– Parking: 39.496188, -82.614532
– Trailhead: 39.496583, -82.615139
Distance & Type: 0.7 miles loop
Elevation change: 165 foot elevation gain
Difficulty: Easy

Hike features: The 200-foot long and 30-foot tall Rock House Cave, Moss Covered Cliffs, a 100-foot tall ‘seasonal’ waterfall next to the Rock House cave.

Note: Trail conditions change over time.  If you discover any inaccuracies with this post during your visit, please post a comment below.

Located around eight miles from Old Man’s Cave Visitors Center is the popular Rock House trail. The trail’s short length (just over a half mile in length) and beautiful rock formations make the Rock House Rim Trail hike a top 5 destination in Hocking Hills State Park.

**Caution: This trail passes near cliffs and steep drop offs. Use caution and watch where you, and your family, walk when near these cliffs.**

The trails are well maintained including the 60+ stone steps that guide you down the gorge. Entering the cave is done by walking up a few stone steps through a side cave opening. The inside of the cave will be dark, so I would recommend bringing a light source or using your phone’s flashlight feature.

The Rock Cave can be visited throughout the year, but the stone steps and trail can ice over during the winter months. I would pack a pair of MicroSpikes if visiting during the winter months and allow extra time to complete the hike.

The Rock House is one of those hikes I always complete whenever I’m in the area of Hocking Hills State Park. It is a quick hike that offers a unique landscape that you don’t see in other areas of the park. I love the sandstone stairs that lead into the gorge and the beautiful moss covered cliffs.

The Rock House has a colorful history including stories of Native Americans making the cave a home in addition to Rock House being referred to as Robbers Roost as local folklore says robbers, murderers and bootleggers would use the cave as a hideout at times.

Hike walkthrough

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