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Why should I visit Mill Creek MetroParks?

Located in the heart of Youngstown, Ohio, Mill Creek MetroParks sprawls across 4,400 acres along the namesake Mill Creek. Founded in 1891, Mill Creek MetroParks is the second-largest Metropark in the United States, second only to Central Park in New York City. Mill Creek MetroParks offers a wide range of activities, beautiful scenery, and historic landmarks.

8 Facts about Mill Creek MetroParks?

  1. Mill Creek MetroParks is located in Youngstown, Ohio and surrounding suburbs.
  2. Mill Creek MetroParks is the second largest Metropark in the United States (second only to Central Park in New York City)
  3. The park was founded in 1841 by local Youngstown attorney Volney Rogers who worked to secure the land and grants.
  4. The famed Olmsted Brothers played a part in designing Mill Creek MetroParks.
  5. Mill Creek Golf Course is a 36-hole course designed by professional golfer Donald Ross and opened to the public in 1928
  6. The historic Lanterman’s Mill was built in 1845. The mill is fully functional and can be toured during the summer months.
  7. Three (3) lakes can be found in Mill Creek MetroParks. Lake Newport, Lake Cohasset, and Lake Glacier are all connected by Mill Creek and span over 130 acres combined.
  8. Mill Creek MetroParks features 16 miles of hiking trails.

What type of activities can I do in Mill Creek MetroParks?

Does Mill Creek MetroParks have a Visitors Center?

Yes, Mill Creek MetroParks visitor center is located within the D. D. and Velma Davis Education & Visitor Center at Fellows Riverside Gardens. Click here for directions.

How many people visit Mill Creek MetroParks every year?

The Visitor Center at Fellows Riverside Gardens reports Mill Creek MetroParks receives around 400,000 visitors a year. (Source)

What is the best time of the year to visit Mill Creek MetroParks?

The best time to visit Mill Creek MetroParks is late spring through fall.

Is Mill Creek MetroParks dog friendly?

Yes! Leashed, friendly, dogs are allowed within Mill Creek with the exception of buildings, visitor center, and Fellows Riverside Garden. Be sure to clean up after your dog. A dog park can be found on West Golf Drive near the golf course (Click here for directions)

Can I camp in Mill Creek MetroParks?

There are no campgrounds or backcountry camping options within Mill Creek MetroParks. The nearest campground is Western Reserve Park located 10 miles west of Mill Creek MetroParks (Directions)

Are there cabins or lodging within Mill Creek MetroParks?

No, Mill Creek MetroParks does not offer any cabins or lodging within the park.

Is there Cellular and WiFi availability within Mill Creek MetroParks?

Yes, due to the parks proximity to Youngstown, Ohio, you can often rely on cellular service within the park. There are areas within the park, specifically the Mill Creek Gorge area, where coverage may be weak or spotty.

Wifi availability can be found at the visitor center and the golf course restaurant.

Are there any restaurants within Mill Creek MetroParks?

Mill Creek MetroParks features two restaurants within the park.

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